2019 Summer Institute for Pennsylvania Teachers Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2019 Summer Institute and becoming a teacher in College in High School (CHS). Please read through the following information about the application process and submit all materials by March 31, 2019. For applications received after this deadline, we cannot guarantee your participation at the institute.

If you have questions through this process, please call us at 412-624-7428.

Please consider the following before you apply:

  • A course similar to the University of Pittsburgh course must be taught or offered for credit in your high school.
  • A University of Pittsburgh CHS faculty liaison will review your application to determine if you may be approved to teach in CHS. You and your principal will be notified of the decision by mail.
  • In addition to attendance at the Summer Institute, you may be required to take and successfully complete additional courses in Spring 2018 in order to be approved to receive certification. Contingent on availability of funds, CHS will pay for the tuition if the course is taken at the University of Pittsburgh. (In addition, if you are interested in but not required to take a course in your subject area, CHS may have funding to provide partial tuition assistance for participating teachers.)
  • Program Costs: For Institute participants selected from outside of the Pittsburgh region, expenses for round-trip travel, accommodations in University of Pittsburgh housing, and a University meal plan will be covered. All attendees will receive a $200 stipend for their participation in the program along with a campus parking allowance.
  • When the CHS faculty liaison agrees that you can be certified to teach in CHS and approves your participation in the Institute, you will not need to attend the mandatory, one-day New Teacher Orientation in May at the University of Pittsburgh. This orientation session will be incorporated into the Summer Institute program.
  • Following the conclusion of the institute, participants will be required to submit final syllabi as part of their certification. Your school must also agree to release you to attend the annual Teachers’ Meeting for the teachers in your course, which is held on campus once a year. Please note that CHS courses developed at the institute will need to be offered at your high schools starting Fall 2019.
  • You must agree to follow the CHS subject-area Course Outline and participate in assessments. In some courses, CHS teachers are required to administer tests and assignments provided by the University. For the purposes of grant reporting and program assessment, UCIS in collaboration with CHS will conduct classroom observations, administer periodic surveys, and request reports on student grades to evaluate student learning and program outcomes.


Please direct further questions to:

Lesa Skukan                                                     
Assistant Director                                                                        
College in High School                                          
G-1 Gardner Steel Conference Center                     
University of Pittsburgh                                            
Pittsburgh, PA 15260                                               
Phone: 412-624-7428
Email: las48@pitt.edu             

Zsuzsanna Magdo
Project Director
Globalizing College Education in High School
University Center for International Studies
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260                                                   
Phone: 412-628-7423
E-mail: zsuzsannamagdo@pitt.edu


Courses at the Institute

Language and Literature

Intermediate French 1 (FR 0003)
Intermediate French 2 (FR 0004)
Intermediate German 1 (GER 0003)
Intermediate German 2 (GER 0004)
Latin: Intermediate Prose (LATIN 0210)
Latin: Intermediate Verse (LATIN 0220)
Spanish I (SPAN 0003)
Spanish II (SPAN 0004

Social Sciences

World Politics  (PS 0500)
Imperial Russia (HIST 0301)



For more information on these courses, visit the CHS Courses Web page.


To apply, you will submit the following through the CHS online portal, which becomes available after you fill out the Web form below.

1. A copy of your college transcripts (highlight relevant courses). Photocopies of your transcripts are permitted.

2. A letter of recommendation from your high school principal.

3. A letter from you stating the number of years you have taught the subject and any experiences that demonstrate your mastery of the subject.

4. A course outline or syllabus of a similar course you are teaching or have taught. Include the title, author, and publisher of the text you are using.


Additional requirements for some subjects appear below:


  • A personal interview with the French faculty liaison (you will be contacted by the liaison).
  • A statement describing your personal approach to teaching the subject. Include any language experience outside of teaching, such as living in a French-speaking country.


  • A personal interview with the German faculty liaison (you will be contacted by the liaison).
  • A statement describing your personal approach to teaching the subject. Include any language experience outside of teaching, such as living in a German-speaking country.
Fill out my online form.