About Us

College in High School Mentor and Student

For over 40 years, College in High School has been serving the Pittsburgh community by providing high quality Pitt credits to aspiring high school students, helping them prepare for and succeed in college. The program began by offering one course to 16 students in one high school. 

Today, we:

  • serve more than 5,000 students
  • partner with more than 350 teachers
  • provide classes in more than 140 high schools
  • offer more than 40 courses

Dr. Henry Cohen founded the program now known as College in High School (CHS) at the University of Pittsburgh in 1980, making CHS the oldest concurrent enrollment partnership in the Commonwealth. The original program served 16 students in one calculus course at North Hills High School. Since its founding, the program has grown to serve more than 5,000 students each year, and partners with more than 350 teachers in over 140 high schools throughout the region.

College in High School offers local and regional high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and University of Pittsburgh credit in courses taught right in their classrooms, at a fraction of the cost of normal tuition. College in High School is an academically rigorous program for motivated students seeking an intellectual challenge within a supportive high school environment. College in High School grades are generated from assessment throughout the course rather than a one-time final assessment.

For over 40 years, College in High School’s success has stemmed from close collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and state-wide partner high schools. CHS-certified high school teachers work closely with Pitt’s world-class faculty to teach a high school course that is also a University of Pittsburgh course. Students use college-level textbooks, take college-level exams, and upon successful completion of the class, earn college credit that is recorded on an official University of Pittsburgh transcript.

CHS provides a valuable service to students across the region by providing top-quality and low-cost University of Pittsburgh credits, which are highly transferable to colleges and universities across the country. CHS courses are accessible to students of varying ability and financial means, and prepare students to go on to college while building the skills they will need to succeed once they are there.

CHS looks forward to expanding its services to help more aspiring students earn University of Pittsburgh credits and become college ready in the years to come.


Mission Statement

The College in High School Program offers high school students access to the University of Pittsburgh’s rigorous coursework while earning college credit at a fraction of the cost.

Building on our long history, we accomplish this by:

  • creating collaborative partnerships among high school teachers and University of Pittsburgh faculty
  • offering a broad range of college courses within high school classrooms
  • ensuring course integrity
  • providing financial support for students in need
  • providing high quality support to university faculty, high school teachers, and students
  • advancing our knowledge in the field of concurrent enrollment to uphold and elevate nationally recognized standards


adopted January 23, 2020