Ashley Totino

Ashley Totino in front of the Cathedral of Learning

Majoring in Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh

In addition to improving my academics and my GPA, I took CHS courses in order to prepare myself for college. By taking CHS courses, I learned the value of studying days before an exam.  Although it is easy for me to wait until the last minute to study, I came to understand the importance of consistently studying every night.

The other high school classes that I took were rather dull and slow moving. I was enrolled in numerous honors classes throughout my high school career, but I could never focus. The information learned was very basic. However, my CHS courses were fast-paced, which greatly prepared me for college. Not to mention, I felt as though I learned a lot more taking CHS classes.  The information was not broad; rather, it explored the many details of theorems and ideas of such classes.

To any students considering taking CHS classes: these classes may seem scary, and they are. However, in the end, you will not only learn the subject you are studying, but you will also learn key studying skills that will help you to succeed in college. These classes also allow you to learn more about yourself.