How To Prepare For And Apply To College

The following general points of advice have been compiled from professional college advisors:

  • Work with your teachers and school counselor to design the most challenging course of study that works best for you, and do your best in your high school courses.  Discuss with your school counselor options available at your high school that you might be interested in, such as Honors, AP, IB, and Concurrent Enrollment classes.
  • Prepare beyond taking college preparatory and/or advanced classes and getting good grades. Gain job experience, and participate in school clubs, leadership activities, volunteer work, and community service.
  • Explore careers through such activities as internships, apprenticeships, and shadowing.
  • Understand the difference between high school and college.
  • Match your strengths, interests, and abilities with potential college majors and careers.
  • Develop good academic habits.
  • Take advantage of opportunities from local and other colleges.  Do your research by learning about colleges that interest you and visiting college campuses.

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