Emilee Betz

Emilee Betz teaching students

Computer Science major at the University of Pittsburgh

I never would have chosen to major in computer science if I hadn’t taken computer science courses in high school through CHS. It was really beneficial to work hands-on with a programming language in high school. I came out of high school with an understanding of how to program in Java, take college-level computer science exams, and think critically.

Most importantly, I came out with a passion for learning computer science. And coming into Pitt’s computer science program with background knowledge of programming from the CHS classes I took was immensely helpful in kick starting my computer science education!

I am grateful that CHS offers computer science courses in high school. Students should understand basic critical thinking and logic concepts that are gained through understanding programming. Many students who would be incredible computer scientists don’t discover the field until later in life, if at all, because of its low visibility to K-12 students. In this day and age, computer science is vital to every single student.