Pitt Credits

College in High School courses are conveniently offered in high school classrooms. CHS courses are college-level courses that follow curriculum developed by Pitt’s world-renowned faculty. They are the same courses that Pitt’s undergraduate students take on campus, delivered directly to eager and motivated high school students throughout the region.


Students who complete a CHS course earn actual college credit. And since these are credits from the University of Pittsburgh, they are highly transferable.

That means that students who complete CHS courses start their college career ahead of time, allowing them to take a lighter course load as they transition into their first year of college, spend more time involved in college activities and opportunities outside of the classroom, or complete their college education in less time. All of these factors—support during the transition to college, engagement on campus, and on-time completion—are directly linked to increased student success rates in college.


CHS students earn respected and high quality Pitt credits at a fraction of their usual cost: In fact, CHS courses cost just 10 percent of what undergraduates pay for regular in-state tuition for the same courses.


And, credits earned in CHS aren’t just any credits. They are credits from the University of Pittsburgh, a world-renowned research University with a global reputation for excellence, and one of the nation’s best institutions for undergraduate education, according to the Princeton Review’s 2016 annual college guide.

CHS courses count for both high school and college credit, giving students a jump start on earning college credit while fulfilling high school credits. And CHS courses are often weighted in high schools, helping students achieve the highest GPA they can to build their college application.