Ruhi Patel

Ruhi Patel, Biology: Genetics major at the Pennsylvania State University

Biology: Genetics major at the Pennsylvania State University

I was very thankful to take CHS courses in high school. The CHS courses that I took really prepared me for my college career at Penn State. I was able to get a 4.0 GPA and receive The President's Freshman Award the first semester of my college career.

CHS classes really do prepare you for college and make your transition smooth from high school to college. CHS classes also get you out of introductory courses and many first semester courses. It helps you be ahead of everyone else. In fact, I was taking most of my classes with students who are a year older than me. I could graduate a semester early if I wish due to the CHS courses that I took in high school.

I have also gotten involved with conserving little brown bat population research with my biology professor. I had an opportunity to present that research to the Board of Trustees of Penn State this past summer. I would not have been so prepared for my college career if it wasn't for the CHS and other advanced courses that I took at Montour High School.

To current high school students, I say: Take the opportunity to take CHS classes if you can; it is worth the money and time that you invest in it. CHS classes will help you make your college experience much easier and more enjoyable.