For School Counselors

College in High School is a partnership between the University of Pittsburgh and high schools, offering students the chance to earn University of Pittsburgh credits from their high school teacher in person, in their classroom during the normal school day, at a fraction of the cost of normal tuition. The CHS courses in any school depend upon which teachers there have applied and been approved as CHS partners.

CHS supports the role of school counselors in advising students as an important aspect of this opportunity.

School Counselor Responsibilities

Some dual credit programs require school counselors to be involved in new teacher applications, or in student permission, registration, or payment. CHS at the University of Pittsburgh does not: instead, all of these topics are addressed through our online portal Aspire, and all instructions flow through CHS-approved teachers. Because of this arrangement, school counselors are able to spend time on the crucial responsibility of advising students (see the next item).

Advising Students

High school students are encouraged to talk with their high school counselor, teacher, and parent or guardian before enrolling in CHS courses. In order to register, students must meet any high school and CHS course prerequisites, and CHS teacher and parent/guardian approval is required during the online application process. 

If a student or parent needs information about the application/registration process and deadlines, they should contact their CHS course instructor, as the entire process is facilitated by the teacher. However, if you need this information, it can be found at CHS Academic Policies.

Transferring Credits and Requesting a Transcript

Students are advised to contact colleges and universities directly for their most current credit transfer policies. For information on transferring credits and requesting a transcript see Transferring Credits & Credit Acceptance.

Useful Links

For more information on general administrative resources, course implementation information, and news and research on dual enrollment, learn more using the Useful Links.

Each year, CHS invites interested School Counselors to meet with Staff and Faculty to learn more about our program. For more information, contact CHS at 412-624-7428.