Simon Brown

Simon Brown, PHD Candidate in History

PhD candidate in history at the University of California, Berkeley

My CHS class provided the kind of engaged and rigorous instruction that you rarely find outside the best college courses. In high school, my CHS class showed me how engaging and exciting my schoolwork can be when it’s taught with passion and involves students’ creativity. Now, as a someone who will begin teaching next year, it has provided a model of inspired teaching to emulate in my own classroom.

The CHS program comes closer to replicating an advanced college course than any other program for high school students. If you are seriously interested in a subject and you are considering furthering your study, take a CHS class to see. My experience in CHS Argument certainly played a part in introducing me to the analytical thinking and constructive debate that were central to my undergraduate studies in History and Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, and now as a first-year doctoral student working toward a PhD in history at the University of California, Berkeley.