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College in High School is a concurrent enrollment partnership, which means a registered student earns academic credit from his or her high school and the University of Pittsburgh at the same time. By taking CHS classes, you can get a jump on your future education and earn college credits. You also gain confidence by experiencing college-level course work in a comfortable, familiar educational environment. And, CHS courses cost a fraction of regular in-state tuition.

Academic research and state data suggest that high school students in concurrent enrollment programs receive many college-related advantages.

These students:

  • are more likely to meet college-readiness benchmarks
  • achieve a lower likelihood of college placement into remedial English or math
  • attain higher four- and six-year college completion rates
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Student Frequently Asked Questions

Because CHS is a challenging academic program, browse some frequently asked questions before you decide to register for a CHS course. 

College in High School Alumni

CHS Alumni

Students who take CHS courses are uniquely positioned to succeed in college. 

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Academic Policies

When you enroll in a College in High School course, you become a part-time, non-matriculated student in Pitt's Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. 

Morgan Mundell, graduate of CHS

Credit Acceptance

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