Transferring Credits & Credit Acceptance

Students who will be attending the University of Pittsburgh do not need to request a transcript to transfer their earned CHS credits. Their coursework will already appear on a transcript with the University. However, if students are attending Pitt and have college credits from other institutions, they can visit the Pitt Transfer Tool for additional information.

Requesting Transcripts

All students may request a copy of their transcript for their records.  Only seniors who are attending an academic institution in the fall need to request one.  Most academic institutions prefer the transcript sent directly to their address.

For a small fee, the University of Pittsburgh offers an online transcript ordering and delivery system. Transcripts can be easily ordered as secure PDFs (e-transcripts) to be transmitted electronically, or be sent by mail, or by rush delivery. Alternatively, a free transcript may be obtained in person at the University Registrar’s Office (G-3 Thackeray Hall).

For more information on how to order or pick up a transcript, please visit the Office of the University Registrar’s website at or call 412-624-7635.

Helpful hints when submitting an order online:

  1. Place your transcript request on or after July 1st. Waiting until this date will insure that teachers have submitted all grades for processing to transcripts. If you need to request your transcript before July 1, select the grey “Hold For Grades” button. This will insure that a blank transcript will not be sent.
  2. Go to the Registrar’s page. Under "I am a former student / graduated before spring 2015, College in High School, or Outlier student," click the link "Order Transcript."
  3. Create an account with an e-mail address and a password for this site, as you would for creating an online shopping account. This account is not linked with your account in Aspire.
  4. Fill out the general information page. Please note that CHS students do not have to enter a PeopleSoft Student ID.
    • Enter the true dates of participation in CHS courses for the “Year Last Attended” and “Dates Attended” boxes.
    • Enter College in High School for “Degree Sought.”
    • Enter PIT for "Campus."
  5. Submit the new account information and proceed for payment and delivery options.

Transferring CHS Credit

College in High School students can search transfer policies of over 900 US college and universities through the University of Connecticut's Early College Experience Credit Transfer Database. This database provides information regarding the likelihood of successful concurrent enrollment credit transfer. This likelihood is calculated based on institutions' past policies concerning concurrent enrollment transfer credits.