Student Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why take college classes during high school?

A. It’s a great way to jump-start your future education because CHS-earned credits usually transfer to institutions across the country. You gain the experience of college courses at a cost that is approximately 10 percent of regular in-state tuition. Research shows CHS students:

  • complete their bachelor’s degree in a shorter time
  • increase their chances of a successful first year of college
  • have a lower likelihood of placement into remedial Math or English

Q. Where can I take a CHS course, and what courses are available?

A. CHS courses are taught in person by your high school teachers during the regular school day. CHS courses vary by high school. Consult your school counselor or teachers for course offerings at your school. For a list of courses, visit

Q. How do I sign up for CHS courses?

A. In the first few weeks of class, your teacher will give you instructions on how to register online. 

Q. How much do CHS courses cost?

A. CHS courses cost a fraction of regular in-state tuition, at $75 per credit. Courses range from 1 to 4 credits.  Needs-based scholarships are also offered through CHS.

Q. Do I need to take other classes before I can take CHS courses?

A. You must fulfill your school’s academic prerequisites in order to participate in CHS. Please see your high school teachers for more information.

Q. How are CHS courses graded?

A. CHS teachers determine your grades based on your performance on University-approved exams and assignments. Grades earned in CHS courses appear on an official University of Pittsburgh transcript. If you decide to attend Pitt, the CHS course grade will count toward your grade point average at the University.

Q. What if my school offers the Advanced Placement course as well?

A. Advanced Placement (AP) courses can be offered with CHS courses in the same class, so students can participate in both programs. If you choose to attend any Pitt campus, the CHS grade and credit supersedes any AP credit.

Q. If I don’t go to Pitt can I transfer my CHS credits to another college or university?

A. The vast majority of colleges accept CHS transfer credit; credit transfer depends on the receiving college’s policies and your chosen major. For your Pitt CHS course(s), you must request your official Pitt transcript from Pitt’s Office of the University Registrar to be sent to your college. Detailed instructions are available at (If you attend any of the University of Pittsburgh campuses, you do not need to request a transcript because your CHS courses will already be a part of your academic record.)

Q. What are Pitt’s guidelines for CHS students?

A. Upon enrolling in a CHS course, you become a part-time, nonmatriculated student of the University of Pittsburgh. University and school policies and procedures apply to CHS students. To review CHS policies, such as repeating a course, withdrawing from a course, academic integrity guidelines, and deadlines, visit

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