CHS Teachers discussing science materials

All CHS-certified College in High School teachers are invited to bring their students on campus tours.

In addition:

  • CHS provides free professional development in the form of yearly teacher meetings and workshops. CHS also provides documentation for teachers to submit for Act 48 credits.
  • CHS teachers have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share pedagogical practices with University faculty and to network with other high school teachers.
  • CHS teachers are invited to attend, for free, Pitt faculty workshops provided by the University Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • $500 teacher scholarships are often available for a content-area or education-related course taken at a University of Pittsburgh campus. Contact the CHS office for registration information.
  • CHS teachers receive invitations to special on-campus gatherings such as high school student academic events, competitions, and academic lecturers recognized as experts in their respective fields.

If you are interested in bringing a College in High School partnership to your school, please e-mail us at or call us at 412-624-6828 to begin the process.