CHS Teacher Agreement

Teachers certified to teach in CHS agree to:

  • follow the Course Outline and requirements as specified by the respective University academic department.
  • attend an annual subject-area meeting arranged by CHS on the University of Pittsburgh campus.
  • take the necessary steps with your high school to ensure receipt of electronic communication with attachments from CHS. Read and respond to CHS communications in a timely manner, observing all deadlines.
  • create a syllabus from the template provided by CHS and distribute and review it with students.
  • assist students with registering for their course(s) and completing the registration process.
  • inform CHS if a substitute teacher is needed for the course for a period longer than two weeks, so that CHS can either obtain provisional certification for the substitute teacher or cancel the CHS course credit and issue refunds for students.
  • administer University of Pittsburgh course exams according to the instructions provided by the faculty liaison. Grade the CHS assignments and exams and assign a University of Pittsburgh letter grade for each student. Teachers are not permitted to use the advance copy of the exam as a teaching aid.
  • assist with implementing course assessment tools in the classroom as part of the University of Pittsburgh’s ongoing academic assessment efforts.
  • update teaching information annually. Provide estimated CHS teaching schedule for the following year.
  • agree that CHS has sole discretion to withdraw your teacher certification for this program, thus discontinuing teacher participation in College in High School.