Why Schools Value CHS

Pittsburgh area high school teachers and administrators describe how CHS benefits their students, their schools, and teachers themselves.


CHS provides unique benefits to both schools and teachers. Schools earn PA School Performance Points for offering CHS classes.

Through CHS, teachers have access to:

  • unique professional development and educational opportunities;
  • the chance to network with other high school teachers in their interest area and with University faculty;
  • Pitt Faculty Development workshops, which teachers can attend free of charge;
  • extensive training and support for delivering the CHS curriculum in their classrooms;
  • dedicated CHS staff and Pitt faculty members to work with closely;
  • and more.

More than 99% of CHS teachers surveyed agree that CHS provides a supportive, positive partnership for them and their high school.

Here’s what CHS students say about their teachers: 

  • Both of my CHS teachers were phenomenal in guiding students and made learning challenging college material at a high school level enjoyable and achievable.
  • My CHS teacher is extremely knowledgeable and presented difficult college material better than most college professors are able to do. It’s one thing to know the material as an instructor, and it is another thing to know the material and present it well to the students. She is a highly knowledgeable teacher who knows how to reach her students in a learning environment. Her dedication is uncontested and speaks volumes of the CHS program.
  • My CHS Chemistry teacher made a lasting impression on me.  I still continue to speak with and visit her.
  • My CHS teacher was one of the best teachers I have ever had! She is so knowledge about anything that involves science. She is incredibly passionate about what she teaches, and that makes it easier to learn. She not only wanted her students to be successful in the classroom, but she wanted them to be successful in everyday life.
  • My Computer Science teacher was great: He was very supportive and encouraged the class to pursue the opportunity.  Many of my fellow students also took the class and enjoyed the experience.